Invest. Influence. Realise.

Maximise your impact on Israel by GIVING!

Personal Giving Accounts

Make Your Money Go Further

Make sure that you are receiving all tax returns/relief when you donate. Claim tax relief today, allocate to charity when you decide.

Give Securely and Transparently

Support the causes close to YOUR heart, secure in the knowledge that your donation is really going where you want it to.

Give Personally, Give Together

Your Giving Current Account is just for you. Impact Accounts can be shared with others. Make your giving both a personal and a shared experience

Give Today, Give Tomorrow

Funds in your accounts may be allocated when you wish. Allocate immediately, let a balance grow or save for the next great time of need - the choice is yours.







Corporate GIVING Accounts

Harnessing corporate power for the good of society

From your workforce to your customers, society impacts and is impacted by your company. You have the potential to build community within the company, you have the ability to strengthen the community within which your company exists.

  • Payroll Giving - enabling your employees to donate from their salary

  • Employee Giving Matching Schemes

  • Workplace Campaigns

  • Corporate Philanthropy and CSR

How does GIVING help Israeli amutot?

About Us

GIVING Ltd (CC) - 516153855

The aim of GIVING Ltd (CC) is to bring about a change in the levels of investment and involvement in the funding of the very services that we, members of Israeli society, demand and utilise, by members of Israeli society itself. To this end, Giving will endeavour to educate Israelis about giving, especially the tax benefits to donors due to their philanthropic giving, and will provide tools and services to enable them to claim tax relief and returns on their giving, putting more money back into the pocket of the Israeli donor for them to use as they see fit.

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