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  • Add to your GIVING balance by Credit Card, Bank Transfer, however you wish

  • Set up Payroll Giving to your account

  • Allocate to the causes you want to support, when you want to support them

  • Make a difference!

Open Your GIVING Account NOW

Your GIVING account will make your giving more fun and more effective. What are you waiting for?

Your GIVING Current Account is the heart of your effective giving. This is where you will deposit your funds, from here you will allocate to Impact Accountsshared accounts and to charities. Here you will get one single receipt for all of your annual GIVING cycle, here you will claim your tax returns/relief as simply as possible and see them deposited into your private bank account.


You need to have a charitable current account before you can setup Give Today or Give Tomorrow Impact Accounts. From here you can transfer funds through to your Give Today or Give Tomorrow accounts.

Give Today account is a flexible Charitable Savings Account that can be named as you wish. It can be used to allocate to a specific cause, or will enable you to accumulate a balance over time. The balance of a Give Today account is available for allocation by the owners of that account. You may choose to manage or join a number of Give Today accounts, each comprising different giving partners. It is a live balance that can have immediate impact.


*You need to have a GIVING Current Account before you can set up a Give Today account.

Give Tomorrow account is a Charitable Savings Account that can be named as you wish. A Give Tomorrow account is for you and your partners-in-generosity, to reserve a balance and let a funding pool grow for a period of time until a certain balance has accrued, or until a special date or event. A Give Tomorrow account can accumulate funds as to gift to your child or grandchild when they come of age, to empower them to give as they have seen you do through the investment you have made, to impact society according to their social priorities.

*You need to have a GIVING Current Account before you can setup a Give Tomorrow account.

  • YOU are eligible for a tax return of 35% of every eligible donation you make!

  • Fewer than 1/3 of donors claim what is theirs - Do you?

  • Over 1,000,000,000 shekels remains unclaimed each year - How much of that is yours?

Corporations, Public Companies, SMBs…

CGC (Corporate GIVING Current) Accounts and Impact Accounts – Give Today and Give Tomorrow – are here for you too!

Group Impact Accounts are suitable for Giving CirclesFamily Foundations and TrustsWorkplace Giving Funds, anything your creative mind can envision.

This is the perfect solution to manage your Payroll GivingMatching and CSR programs.

Don’t have one? We can help you build yours!

  • Your private and corporate foundations - managed on The GIVING Platform

  • Payroll Giving for your employees - We will manage all of the data

  • The GIVING Grant Management Suite is available for you to manage your Giving the same way we manage our own

  • Tax Returns or Tax Relief - Maximise the impact of your Giving!

Shared Giving Accounts

All Impact Accounts – Give Today and Give Tomorrow – can be held by individuals or by groups. Group Impact Accounts are suitable for Giving CirclesFamily Foundations and TrustsWorkplace Giving Funds, anything your generous, creative mind can envision.

*You need to have a GIVING Current Account or Corporate GIVING Charity Account before you can set up Impact Accounts.

GIVING is here also for unassociated initiatives and projects

Not every great initiative needs to be an organisation – it could be a one-off event, a pet project, maybe a social start-up that will one day mature. Whatever the reason, GIVING is happy to allow worthy eligible initiatives to incubate on our organisational platform.

If you are the convener of such an initiative, click to fill out the form. It would be our pleasure to help you do good.

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